Uni-Cor® Bonded Gold-Dot® Construction

We take hours to make a Gold Dot® bullet for the split-second you need it. Our exclusive manufacturing processes give us flexibility to match bullet design to cartridge performance. Below is a brief overview of a few of the many operations making every Gold Dot bullet—Best in Class.


The Speer Gold Dot bullet begins with an alloyed lead core.


Uni-Cor technology bonds an incredibly uniform jacket to the core—one molecule at a time.


First stage of patented* two-stage hollow point process creates memory lines that expansion can follow.


Second forming stage finishes the cavity to match bullet weight and velocity, produces a smooth leading edge for reliable feeding, and a uniform heel for superb accuracy.


Bullet and case are assembled using top-quality nickel-plated brass cases, clean-burning, low-flash propellants, and famous and reliable CCI® primers.

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