Lawman Clean-Fire—The Indoor Training Solution

If air quality in indoor ranges concerns you, Speer® has the ammunition to set your mind at ease. Lawman® Clean-Fire® is loaded like regular Lawman except for the primer and bullet. The ignition power comes from our patented* Clean-Fire primer that contains no lead, barium, or antimony.
The bullets we load in Lawman Clean-Fire are Speer's TMJ®. The lead core is completely and seamlessly encased in jacket material so powder gases can't burn lead off the bullet base. This design is superior to other makers' "base cap" bullets where the caps can loosen, leaking lead and destroying accuracy.
Lawman Clean-Fire leaves the range air and your firearm cleaner. Fired cases don't show the usual soot coating you see in most regular ammunition. Velocities and bullet weights are the same as most Gold Dot® products for realistic practice.
When you need to clear the air, reach for Lawman Clean-Fire, your training solution.

Product Listing

Lawman® Clean-Fire® spent cases look almost unfired when compared to traditionally primed ammunition. The heavy metals have been removed, producing a clean burn.

Clean-Fire comparison

• TMJ® bullet with one-piece jacket encases the core
• Brass case
• Low-flash, clean-burning propellant
• CCI® Clean-Fire primers
• Virtually eliminates lead, barium and antimony at the firing point

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