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Gold Dot

Gold Dot

Gold Dot was the first handgun ammunition loaded with true, bonded-core bullets. Using our exclusive Uni-Cor® method, we bond the jacket to the core one molecule at a time at the very beginning of the bullet construction process. This virtually eliminates core-jacket separation. With options for both standard handguns and short barrels, there’s a Gold Dot load to fit any shooter. 


1. The bullet begins with an alloyed lead core. 
2. Uni-Cor electrochemical process virtually eliminates core/jacket separation and guarantees uniform jacket thickness for superior accuracy. 
3. Nickel-plated brass cases for smooth functioning and durability. 
4. Select, clean burning propellants deliver optimum velocity while ensuring consistent chamber pressures. 
5. CCI® primers for highly sensitive and reliable performance. 
Gold Dot Features

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Find the right Gold Dot load for your firearm and select ballistically matched training rounds that will offer the most realistic practice possible.